Corvus Aircraft

This website about the corvus aircraft company, and it’s place in history, is being restored. The major features of the aircraft type called ‘Corvus Carone‘ includes spacious cabin for two people seated side by side, state of the art technology, composite structure all over the fuselage, high speed, economic operation. It belongs to the category ‘light sport aircraft‘, and it is intended to be used mainly for long touring flights.


Corvus Aircraft was founded to be one of Germany’s major chartered flight providers. The company sprung from two very important pieces of flight service discipline; luxury and comfort. In today’s fast-paced world, we understand your need to be in as many places as possible. We uphold your discipline for punctuality and professionalism.

Our personal experience and expertise ensures high levels of efficiency, safety, and security in all kinds and size of chartered flights. Since we operate worldwide, our long-standing relations with the world’s well-heeled travelers remain to be our most prized possession.

Below you will find out a bunch of links on information about the description of the aircraft, worldwide locations, different types of aircraft versions, and much more…